Franklin County, Ohio – No Operator’s License, First Degree Misdemeanor

Charge: Driving Under OVI Suspension, First Degree Misdemeanor (mandatory 3 days in jail, mandatory 30 day vehicle immobilization, mandatory impound license plates, maximum 180 days in jail and $1,000 fine).

Facts: Client was employed by a major global shipping company. He was pulled over and charged with driving his car outside the terms of limited driving privileges he received under a prior OVI conviction. Client advised me that he was concerned that jail time and an additional license suspension would have a negative impact on his career.

Result: Client pled guilty to a reduced charge of No Operator’s License, Fourth Degree Misdemeanor (maximum 30 days in jail and $250 fine). Client received a fine only. He did not receive any jail time, license suspension or vehicle immobilization.