Franklin County, Ohio – No Operator’s License, First Degree Misdemeanor

Charge: Driving Under OVI Suspension, First Degree Misdemeanor (mandatory 3 days in jail, mandatory 30 day vehicle immobilization, mandatory impound license plates, maximum 180 days in jail and $1,000 fine).

Facts: Client was employed by a major global shipping company. He was pulled over and charged with driving his car outside the terms of limited driving privileges he received under a prior OVI conviction. Client advised me that he was concerned that jail time and an additional license suspension would have a negative impact on his career.

Result: Client pled guilty to a reduced charge of No Operator’s License, Fourth Degree Misdemeanor (maximum 30 days in jail and $250 fine). Client received a fine only. He did not receive any jail time, license suspension or vehicle immobilization.

April/2015 – Franklin County Municipal Court – OVI Reduced to Physical Control

Client was pulled over by a Columbus Police Officer after he was caught driving the wrong way down a one way street. Client was removed from the car and submitted to field sobriety tests at the request of the officer. Client was ultimately arrested after he allegedly performed poorly on field sobriety tests. I was able to negotiate a plea to a reduced charge of Physical Control and I saved the client from an OVI / DUI conviction, from serving 3 days in jail and from receiving 6 points on his license with the BMV.

June/2014 – Delaware County Court of Common Pleas – Aggravated Vehicular Assault Re-duced to Vehicular Assault

Client was arrested and charged with OVI and Aggravated Vehicular Assault after she hit a bicyclist on State Route 23 at twilight. Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers responded to the accident scene where they gave the client field sobriety tests and then transported her to the Delware OSHP post where she submitted to a breath test that was more than twice the legal limit. There were no witnesses to the accident and the bicyclist and client could not recollect how the accident occurred. To further complicate matters, the Ohio State Highway Patrol failed to perform an accident reconstruction, and a paving crew paved over the accident scene moments after police cleared the scene. We hired an independent expert to conduct an accident reconstruction and we also hired a professional photographer to take time lapse photographs of the scene. Our expert witness determined that it was entirely possible that the bicyclist rode out in front of the client, regardless of the fact that she may have been impaired. The client was facing a mandatory 1 year in prison and, because she is a physician, was facing having her professional medical license revoked. Because of our hard and diligent work, we were able to obtain a plea to a reduced charge of Vehicular Assault, which did not carry a mandatory 1 year prison sentence. The client received a 15 day jail term and her medical licenses was only suspended for a short period of time. The client has now regained the use of her medical license and is practicing medicine again. She has been clean and sober since the date of the incident. This was a monumental victory for the client and for our firm!