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With 19 years of experience, Columbus criminal defense lawyer, and former assistant prosecuting attorney Michael Probst is prepared to defend adults and juveniles accused of a number of crimes. Michael is proud to defend the rights of clients facing charges in mayor’s, state, and federal courts.

Multiple OVI / DUI / DWI Charges in Ohio

Strict and Harsh Penalties for Repeat DWI/OVI Charges

Ohio takes a tough stance on drinking and driving, especially for repeat offenders. Simply stated, if you have been arrested for OVI/DUI charges and have a prior conviction, it is to your greatest advantage to get legal counsel now.

My name is Michael S. Probst. I am a Columbus DUI defense lawyer with more than a decade of legal experience. As a former prosecutor, I have seen firsthand how serious prosecutors are about drunk driving cases, and I am astutely aware of the strict laws and harsh penalties that face a repeat OVI offender. I will work diligently to protect your rights and fight for the best possible outcome in your case.

My DUI/OVI Defense Practice

The Ohio Supreme Court has issued opinions that increase penalties for people with multiple DUI/OVI convictions. These penalties can be even harsher if the accused refused a Breathalyzer test. Do not hesitate to seek the assistance of an experienced defense attorney if you have been arrested for your second, third or fourth OVI.

If retained as your DUI lawyer, I will conduct a thorough discovery on your behalf. I will ask questions of the prosecution to determine if you have a valid basis for a defense:

The answers to these questions can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. If the breath test was not administered properly, for example, that key piece of evidence in the prosecutor’s case may be thrown out. I will do everything possible to uncover the facts of the case and challenge the prosecutor at every opportunity.

If the DUI/OVI traffic stop was legal and all tests were administered properly, there may still be options to minimize penalties. Throughout the duration of your case, I will negotiate with the prosecutor to determine if a plea agreement can be reached. Such an agreement can protect your rights and minimize your exposure to any adverse penalties. If the prosecution is unwilling to make a fair plea offer, or if you prefer to take your case to court, I will be thoroughly prepared to argue on your behalf at trial.

Contact A Defense Attorney If You Have Multiple OVI/DUI Charges

If you have multiple DUI offenses on your record, do not hesitate to contact an experienced DUI defense attorney in Columbus, Ohio to handle your case. At Probst Law Office, Inc., I can help you protect your freedom and your future. Contact my law office or call me at 614-232-8890 to schedule a consultation.