DUI Checkpoint Defense in Columbus

Dealing With An Ohio OVI/DUI Traffic Stop Experience

A traffic stop can be one of the scariest and most intimidating experiences for an individual, especially if they have never been stopped by the police before or only very infrequently. Most OVI / DUI traffic stops in Ohio  take place during the very early morning hours, when it is dark outside, and multiple police officers routinely respond to such traffic scenes.

Imagine going out to dinner and having a glass of wine or a beer and then driving home. Even though you may not be impaired, if police smell alcohol in a car or on a driver’s breath, they smell blood! Imagine being put on the spot about what you had to drink, how much you had to drink and when you last drank. You feel like anything you say might be the wrong answer. If you answer none,” you might be perceived as a liar! If you admit to anything, you might be judged as being drunk!

This scene is played out on the roads of Columbus and throughout Ohio on a nightly basis. Police officers know how to intimidate drives and get them to admit to possibly incriminating statements.

Imagine, then, that you are ordered to step out of your car and respond to further questioning by police. If that isn’t intimidating enough, imagine that you are then asked by police officers to perform field sobriety tests on the side of the road in front of complete strangers driving by. This can be one of the most demoralizing events anyone could undergo. Do you have any idea how these tests are to be performed? Do you have any idea what police are looking for in these tests?

Unfortunately, this scene is also played out on the roads of Columbus and throughout Ohio on a nightly basis.

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