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Underage Drinking Crackdown at OSU

The Ohio State University is once again taking a hard-line stance against underage drinking by university students during Ohio State football games and other university events attended by Ohio State students. Ohio State reports that the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office will be running the STOP program at Ohio State home football events, which specifically targets underage drinking and underage possession of alcohol by OSU students and other underage persons. Undercover police officers will be patrolling the Ohio State campus, including High Street, Neil Avenue, Indianola Avenue, Chittenden Avenue, 12th Avenue and 15th Avenue, in order to arrest underage drinkers and underage OSU college students. Police will also be looking for underage students who violate the open container laws and students who display a fake driver’s license, fake ID’s or other false identification. Many OSU students and other persons have been arrested for underage drinking and underage possession of alcohol after undercover officers have seen them drinking alcohol on the porch of their campus apartment or house.

Ohio State takes underage drinking charges very seriously. Underage alcohol convictions may affect a student’s ability to continue to enroll at OSU or to receive student financial aid.

If you are an OSU student and you have been arrested or charged with underage drinking or underage possession of alcohol, or if you have been arrested or charged with underage drinking or underage possession of alcohol at an Ohio State football game or other OSU event, please call (614) 232-8890 or contact our DUI lawyer to discuss your case.

Why Should You Hire a Columbus DUI Attorney to Protect the Rights of Your College Student or Teenager?

Underage drinking in Ohio is a serious issue, and I do not condone this behavior. Many poor choices can come out of minor alcohol consumption, including OVI or DUI charges, accidents, public intoxication charges, the loss of privileges and even expulsion from school or college. Law enforcement here in Columbus and throughout Central Ohio take underage consumption and underage DUIs very seriously. As parents, we must also treat these underage drinking charges with seriousness and take immediate action to protect our children’s rights with a solid defense. A conviction on underage drinking charges can lead to:

  • A permanent criminal record, which can affect applications to college, scholarships, as well as employment opportunities
  • Loss of your child’s driver’s license and driving privileges
  • Potentially heavy fines or community service

Why contact a DUI lawyer instead of simply pleading “no contest” or “guilty,” allowing your child to experience the consequences of their actions and to teach them a lesson? I have served as a prosecutor, and I understand the need to set boundaries and hold citizens accountable for their actions. However, people make mistakes. Part of becoming an adult and maturing through the teenage years includes stepping into situations which can lead to difficult choices and consequences.

Now as a criminal defense attorney, I have the opportunity to help college students and teenagers charged with underage drinking and other criminal charges to protect their interests and keep their future options open. The circumstances of each situation are different, but it may be possible to work with the campus police, a city attorney or a prosecutor to reduce some or all of the charges, protect driving privileges and prevent the loss of a scholarship or eligibility for enrollment in a college or university. It is important to prevent a criminal record from affecting the rest of your child’s life.

A Note to Parents

If you are a parent reading this site, I want you to know that I have helped many college students facing criminal charges. I understand the effect a criminal conviction can have on a young adult’s opportunities for career advancement and growth. I pride myself in competently and thoroughly defending my clients and their rights.

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