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Criminal Charges: Innocent Until Proven Guilty

While it may seem like the entire courtroom is against you, everyone accused of criminal charges is legally presumed innocent until proven guilty. This works in your favor, because the prosecution is forced to provide evidence that you committed a crime and that the criminal charges are valid. The case building allows your criminal defense attorney time to develop a defense that creates reasonable doubt that you did not commit the crime you are accused of.

Defense attorneys have a number of options when it comes to building a defense that clears the accused of criminal charges levied against them. As a prosecutor, Michael was tasked with creating cases against accused parties. With this experience, Michael knows the “tricks of the trade,” and can work to create a defense that breaks down a prosecutor’s case against you.

Every situation is different – and every outcome has a different ending. Our criminal lawyer, Michael, will listen to your situation to understand the facts and circumstances of your case and will advise you of your best options. Whether it’s negotiating a plea agreement or going to trial with your criminal charges, Michael Probst is on your site from arrest, to the outcome.

Hiring a Defense Attorney for Criminal Charges

Not every criminal defense attorney is qualified to handle your case. Depending on which court is handling your case, you may need a defense lawyer that can practice in State or Federal courts. And depending on the severity of your case, you may need the experience of a specialist with a number of victories behind him.

Michael Probst is admitted in Mayor’s Courts, Municipal Courts, and County Courts throughout the State of Ohio. Additionally, Michael is also admitted to practice in Federal Court as well. With years of experience, Michael practices defense on a number of criminal charges, including:

With a number of wins for clients across Ohio, Michael knows what it takes to get the justice you deserve. When you work with Michael Probst, you will get the full attention of a criminal attorney who knows and understands the importance of your case. With so much on the line, you can’t afford to go to court alone. Work with an attorney that has your best interests in mind.

Michael Probst: On Your Side for Criminal Charges Defense

No matter what you’re charged with, Criminal defense attorney Michael Probst can help you create a defense and will be by your side all the way to trial and beyond. Contact Michael now to get the justice you deserve. Call his office today at 614-232-8900, or click here to schedule your no-obligation consultation today.