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Columbus Criminal Defense Attorney for Unlawful Sexual Conduct Charges

If you have been charged with attempted unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, it is vital that you obtain an experienced defense attorney who will fight tenaciously for you. I am attorney Michael S. Probst, and I have been practicing criminal law since 1999. As a former prosecutor, I am able to predict arguments the other side will make and counter them effectively.

I believe that every individual deserves a solid defense. If you have been charged with any sex crime, please contact my law office in Columbus, Ohio.

Experienced Sex Crime Representation in Ohio

In Ohio, law enforcement officers routinely establish internet sting operations in an effort to catch people attempting to have sex with minors or underage persons. The police routinely watch people in chat rooms on Yahoo and other search engines to catch offenders. The police will also pose as underage girls and attempt to meet with unsuspecting people to arrest them. The police are trained professionals and understand the chat lingo used and will go as far as to offer oral sex or even sexual intercourse in chat rooms to put people in jail.

As a sex crime lawyer, I have represented individuals through many sex crimes. I know the steps that the police and prosecution will take in their case against you. You and I will work together to build the strongest Columbus criminal defense available.

Sex Crime Defense in Ohio

Unlawful sexual conduct with a minor is a serious offense, and if charged, one must register as a sex offender. I will explain your different criminal defense options to you, such as entrapment or that you aborted the idea of sexual conduct upon arrival. I will also help you in many areas of sex crimes, including:

Your side of the story is important. I will listen to you and answer any questions you have without judging. I am here to help, not to criticize.

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