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Internet sex crimes cases present a number of important issues, ranging from entrapment and computer privacy to search and seizure issues. If you have been charged with an internet sex crime, it is important to retain an attorney familiar with these and other cyber criminal law concepts.

As an experienced sex crime attorney and former prosecutor, I have handled numerous complex criminal cases throughout Central Ohio. If you have been charged with internet solicitation, possession of child pornography or another cyber and internet sex crime, I encourage you to contact me, cyber attorney Michael S. Probst.

Internet Sex Crimes Types

I handle all Internet sex crimes charges including:

I represent clients charged in state and federal courts. I see many cases in which undercover police officers pose as underage, minor girls in internet chat rooms and on chat sites hosted by Yahoo and wait for adult men to solicit them for sexual conduct. I have represented clients charged with serious felony sex offenses resulting from internet stings. Often, such offenses carry a presumption that a prison sentence will be imposed and a requirement that the client register as a sex offender.

A Wall of Protection

Sex crimes cases are extremely complex, stressful and time-consuming. They require a tremendous expenditure of energy and effort. I have successfully defended clients facing difficult criminal charges because I am hard working and tenacious. I like to think of myself as a wall of protection that stands between my clients and those who would like to imprison or harm my clients.

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