Busted for Crack Cocaine Possession, Trafficking, or Dealing in Ohio?

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Crack cocaine is a highly addictive drug, and possession and trafficking of crack cocaine in Ohio can lead to serious charges and severe penalties, including prison time. Ohio’s legislature and law enforcement view crack cocaine as a serious threat to society, which means that, for purposes of sentencing, crack cocaine results in more severe penalties than powder cocaine. Officers are looking for a reason to search you or your vehicle for a crack pipe and other paraphernalia associated with its use.

It doesn’t take much of an amount of crack cocaine to be charged with trafficking drugs in Ohio. In many cases, prosecutors will aggressively charge and prosecute crack cocaine possession and trafficking charges. If you are charged with drug possession or trafficking of crack cocaine, t is important to seek the immediate counsel of an experienced drug crime attorney to protect your rights and freedom.

Have you been charged with drug possession, drug trafficking or another serious drug charge in Central Ohio? For experienced and dedicated representation, contact me, attorney Michael S. Probst. I am a former prosecutor with extensive experience in drug cases. I defend the rights of adults and juveniles charged with all drug charges, including:

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I aggressively defend college students charged with drug crimes at The Ohio State University, Columbus State Community College, Otterbein University, Wittenberg University, Denison University, Capital University and at other college campuses, neighborhoods, municipalities and communities throughout Central Ohio. I will thoroughly investigate everything associated with your case, including the evidence itself, how and when the drugs were discovered and confiscated and to ensure that the police followed all of the Federal and State of Ohio laws regarding your constitutional rights involving a search and seizure. It is important that you contact me prior to your initial hearing so that I can attempt to ensure you achieve the best outcome possible related to bail, bond and freedom of movement.

Have Your Rights Been Violated?

As a former assistant prosecutor, I understand the difficulty of prosecuting drug trafficking and drug possession charges. Police often conduct searches and seizures in violation of an individual’s Fourth Amendment constitutional rights. I have significant experience filing motions to suppress and conducting suppression hearings on behalf of clients whose constitutional rights have been violated by unreasonable searches and seizures.

Experience That Makes a Difference

I am an experienced negotiator and trial lawyer. In addition, I have significant experience in handling criminal appeals. If you have been charged with a drug trafficking, drug possession, or any other serious drug charge, I can provide a vigorous defense on your behalf.

I prepare for each case as if it may go to trial. Drug cases are often built on highly questionable evidence due to the statements of informants and people who are drug dealers. I will thoroughly investigate your case, negotiate for a plea agreement, protect your rights and argue aggressively on your behalf at trial.

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