Heroin Use in Columbus, Ohio on the Rise

Increases in Possession and Trafficking of Heroin In Ohio

In Columbus, Ohio and many surrounding communities, heroin is making a huge comeback among teenagers and young adults. For the last several years, local police and law enforcement agencies in the area have been dealing with an influx of heroin into the Columbus area. Authorities suspect that the heroin is being brought into Columbus from Mexico and distributed throughout Ohio by gang members located on the west side of Columbus.

In Columbus, Ohio and many surrounding communities, the abuse of heroin has become a cheaper and more accessible alternative to commonly abused narcotics and drugs, such as cocaine and oxycontin. Many teenagers and young adults have discovered that the Mexican heroin, which is commonly snorted and injected, produces a cheaper and more potent high than other drugs.

The surrounding community of Marysville, Ohio has been largely affected by the increase in heroin on the streets of Columbus. Law enforcement officers in Marysville have discovered that many teenagers and young adults in that community frequently travel via Route 33 to purchase heroin from drug dealers on the west side of Columbus. The Marysville community has seen an enormous increase in heroin charges, including heroin possession, heroin drug paraphernalia possession and trafficking in heroin, to the point where it has been labeled an epidemic.

Possession of heroin and trafficking in heroin is not solely limited to the Columbus inner city community. Heroin possession and trafficking has infiltrated numerous affluent Columbus suburban communities, such as Westerville, Worthington, Upper Arlington, Dublin, Hilliard, Powell, Delaware, Bexley, Clintonville and Grandview, areas many people believed were immune to heroin problems.

On September 25, 2009, the Columbus Dispatch reported that 13 people, mostly young adults, were caught in a heroin trafficking and heroin possession ring in Worthington, Ohio. All of these individuals will be facing felony drug charges of possession of heroin and/or trafficking in heroin, which carry the possibility of mandatory prison time and hefty fines.

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