3 Ziploc bags leave 21-year-old in custody in Ohio

A report was released this week that “Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers seized almost $4,500 worth of marijuana” when they pulled over a young driver and searched his vehicle, which equates to three large Ziploc bags. The young driver was a 21-year-old boy from Canton, Ohio.

The scenario leading up to the arrest of the young adult was a common one. The young adult was driving along Interstate 80 when a patrol officer entered the highway. The officer noticed that the driver did not have a license plate on the front of his vehicle and thus pulled it over.

When the officer approached the vehicle, he noted in his report that he smelled a “burnt marijuana” odor emanating from the inside of the Dodge Charger. The 21-year-old is currently being held at the Lorain County Jail on charges of marijuana possession and trafficking due to the amount

An odor is a suspicion that something in the vehicle created the smell. It is not such an illogical assumption — especially when drugs of some kind are eventually found, right? Sure, it may be logical and definitely more so with the hindsight of knowing what is resting somewhere in the car.

It is important to remember that simply because drugs were eventually found in a vehicle, a residence or even on the person it does not mean that the evidence was properly obtained. Even evidence that seems like conclusive proof cannot be used at trial when obtaining it violates an individual’s constitutional protections.

Source: 10-TV, “Ohio Lawmen Seize $4,500 In Marijuana During Traffic Stop,” March 18, 2013

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