Accumulating Points on Your Ohio Driver’s License

In the state of Ohio, various traffic violations and convictions can add demerit points to your driving record that accumulate over time resulting in larger, more serious punishments.   If you accumulate 12 points on your driving record over a period of 2 years, the courts will impose a 6 month suspension of your driving license.

A suspension like this can cause a serious inconvenience for a working professional, not to mention the penalties you normally face with your insurance provider for diminishing your driving record.  These things can be expensive and it usually takes an experienced Columbus Traffic Attorney to reduce your punishment and clear your points.

Here is a list of traffic offenses that can result in points on your license, based on the Ohio Revised Code 2014.


DUI-OVI Alcohol/Liquor/Drugs64511.19A
DR Without Vehicle’s Owner Consent62913.03
Motor Vehicle Felony62913.02
Hit Skip/Leave Scene64549.02/021
Driving Under Suspension/Revocation64510.11 (C)(1)
Drag Racing/Street64511.251
Flee/Elude Officer62921.331 (A) & (B)
Stop Sign24511.43
Traffic Control Lights24511.13-15
Violation at RR Crossing24511.61-64
Traffic Cont Dev/Signs24511.12
Hit-Skip Private Prop24549.03
Vehicular Assault62903.08 (A)(2)
Speed (# in excess of speed)4/2/04511.21
Slow Speed24511.22
Driving Under FRA Suspension64510.16(A)
Following To Close24511.34
Speed (# in excess of speed)4/2/04511.21
Speed Commercial4/2/04506.16
Disregard of Safety44511.20
Disregard of Safety on Private Property24511.201
One Way Traffic Violation24511.32
Driving Left of Center24511.29-30
Failure to Yield to a Pedestrian/Blind Person24511.46-47
Crossing Yellow Line24511.30
Right Side of Roadway24511.25
Crossing Divided Hwy24511.35
Traffic Lanes/Lines/Safety Zone Violation24511.30-60
Failure to Yield the Right of Way24511.41-42
Opposing Vehicular Traffic Violation24511.26
Improper Passing24511.28
Violation When Being Passed24511.27
Stopped School Bus Violation24511.75
Operating without Due Regard for Private Prop.24511.201
Unsafe Operation on Private Property2MUNICIPAL CODE
Reckless Operation on Private Property2MUNICIPAL CODE
Without Due Regard44511.201
Unsafe Operation4MUNICIPAL CODE
Reckless Operation44510.15
Disobey/Interfere Police Order24513.36
Assured Clear Dist24511.21(A)
Violation of Starting/Backing24511.38
Driving on Closed Hwy24511.71
Dropping/Placing Material on Roadway24511.74
Violation of Restriction24510.11
No Drivers License24510.12(A)
Loss-Physical Cont of Vehicle2MUNICIPAL CODE
Prohibited U-Turn24511.37
Improper/Prohibited Turn24511.36
Violation of Not Using Turn Signals24511.39
Failure to Turn24511.36
Failure to Control – Auto Accident24511.202
Aggravated Vehicular Homicide62903.06A (2)
Driving Under DUI-OVI Suspension64510.14
Aggravated Vehicular Assault w/Alcohol62903.08
Aggravated Vehicular Assault62903.08(A)(1)
Vehicular Homicide w/Alcohol62903.06(A)(1)
Involuntary Manslaughter w/Alcohol62903.04D
Physical Control – Vehicular Intoxicated2Pending Legal Opinion
Impaired Alertness (CDL)24511.79(A)
OVUAC – Underage DUI44511.19B
Failure to Control/Weaving2MUNICIPAL CODE
4th DUI-OVI-Felony64511.19/99
No Temporary Permit/No Adult24507.05 F1
Curfew Violation of Temporary Permit24507.05 F2
Curfew Violation of Driving License24507.07 1B
Failure to Yield to a Funeral Procession24511.451
Unsafe Operation Around Emergency Vehicle24511.213
Aggravated Vehicular Homicide with Alcohol62903.06(A)(1)
Vehicular Manslaughter62903.06(A)(4)
Vehicular Homicide62903.06(A)(3)
Failure to Reinstate Drivers License64510.21 (B)
Involuntary Manslaughter62903.04
Driving Under 12 Point Suspension24510.037(J)
Weigh Station Violations24511.121
Vehicle Controlled Substance64506.15-16
DUI-OVI Refusal64511.19(A)(2)
Driving w/o required endorsement24506.03(A)(1)
Unreasonable for Conditions24511.21(A)
Driving Commercial Vehicle While Disqualified24506.15(A)8
Fatality thru Negligent Operation of Comm. Vehicle24506.15(A)9
Driving CMV Without Obtaining a CDL24506.16(D)1
Driving Comm. Vehicle w/o CDL in Possession24506.03(A)1
OVI/BAC .17 or above64511.19(A)(1) f, g, h, i
Unsafe Operation/Passengers24511.51(D)(E)(F)
Obstructed View24511.70
Towing Violation24513.32


To obtain a copy of your Ohio driving record report, you can request one from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Often times, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles will allow you to attend a driving safety course approved by the Bureau to extend the maximum allowed points in a 2 year period from 12 to 14.  If you have excessive points on your Ohio driving record, contact Probst Law today for a free consultation.