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Columbus Lawyer Handling Online Solicitation Sex Crime Charges

As the popularity of internet chat rooms and social networking sites has exploded, so too have prosecutions for online solicitation of minors. Undercover investigators often troll websites in an effort to get unsuspecting adults to enter into a conversation that they may have never considered in the first place. The next thing they know, they are facing a potentially lengthy prison sentence and possible registration as a sex offender.

I am attorney Michael S. Probst, and I have been handling criminal law cases for more than a decade. I am prepared to put my experience to work for you when you are facing solicitation charges. Contact me, an Ohio criminal defense lawyer, online or call 614-232-8890 to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your sex crime case.

Dedicated Criminal Defense in All Types of Solicitation Cases

Law enforcement officers will routinely establish internet stings in an effort to trap people into a solicitation situation. It is possible to face online solicitation charges through nearly all forms of electronic communication, including:

  • Chat room conversations
  • Instant messaging
  • Texting
  • E-mails
  • Craigslist postings
  • Facebook and other social network postings

Vigorous Sex Crime Defense Without Judgment

I understand that everyone makes mistakes. I also understand that charges of this type can be embarrassing for yourself and your family. In fact, it may be tempting to cooperate fully with investigators in the hope that this will all go away. However, it is important to not say a word to the police or prosecutors until you have secured criminal defense representation. You have a constitutional right to remain silent, and you should ALWAYS EXERCISE YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT.

I can help protect your rights. As a former assistant prosecutor, I understand how iInternet sex crimes are treated by the other side. I will help you explore all of the available defense options, including entrapment or abandoning the thought of sexual conduct. I believe that everyone is entitled to a vigorous defense, free from judgment. I am here to help you, not criticize.

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If you have been charged with the online solicitation of a minor, it is important to seek experienced legal help immediately. Contact me, a Columbus sex crimes defense lawyer, online or call 614-232-8890 to schedule a free initial consultation.