Columbus Solicitation Offense - Massage Parlor Raid and Sting Operation

If you’re facing a solicitation charge as the result of a massage parlor raid, you’re not alone. Every day in Ohio, arrests are made for this same offense. Soliciting charges (which amounts to offering to pay for sexual pleasure) can range from a third-degree misdemeanor to a second-degree felony. The punishment for this offense ranges from up to 60 days in jail to up to eight years in prison. In addition, other punishments may include probation, fines, sex offender registration and driver’s license suspension.

Sting operations are commonly conducted in areas of known prostitution activity. You may think this is illegal entrapment, but baiting someone to commit the act of solicitation is not considered entrapment and has actually withstood numerous court challenges as a means of creating a deterrent to solicitation.

A soliciting conviction has the potential to impact your life in a negative way in a number of areas.  Naturally, the court proceedings are a matter of public record. This could impact your relationships on many levels – from your relationship with your significant other to family and friends. Employers tend to look askance at any type of conviction, but especially one that has negative societal judgments attached to it. In some professions, a conviction will also impact your ability to be licensed. Then this conviction will also follow you to all future employment. In short, a soliciting conviction could do lifelong damage to your record.

With that in mind, it is important to be sure you do everything you can to defend yourself against these charges. Help your solicitation lawyer and legal team understand the circumstances of the arrest. This will provide important data and help your sex crime lawyer argue the legality of the arrest or other points of law in your favor.

If you’re facing these charges, you need to retain legal representation as soon as possible. An experienced and qualified criminal defense attorney will work to get your solicitation charges reduced or the case dismissed, but that work can’t begin without your help.

Need a Columbus Solicitation Defense attorney?

These crimes carry a social stigma that may destroy your life and livelihood. Sex offender registration is lifelong and publicly accessible. If you’re facing a sex crime charge in Ohio, you need an experienced attorney who will review your case and create a strategy to either win the case or mitigate the potential damage to your record. The skilled, trusted legal representation that Probst Law Office offers the help you need to be sure you have the best representation possible in fighting sex crimes charges.  Get the experience that you need and deserve when you hire Michael Probst as your attorney.  Contact Michael today for your free consultation, or call now at 614-232-8890.