Greyhound passenger arrested in Ohio for selling LSD on bus

Drug deals could happen in just about any venue. Generally, those selling the drugs may try to sell their particular type of drug in an area that has people who may be likely to purchase the particular type of drug. Although this may be a general theory, an accused drug dealer who was recently arrested in Ohio took a more adventurous method to sell his particular drug.

The man accused of the drug sales was riding a Greyhound bus as a passenger. The Greyhound bus was traveling through Ohio, with a destination city in Iowa — but the bus was stopped short of its destination. While the bus was traveling through Ohio, local Ohio state troopers arrested the passenger who was allegedly dealing drugs pursuant to an anonymous tip.

The anonymous tip alerted police to a man who was a passenger on the bus and who had a red box, and was allegedly selling drugs on the Greyhound bus. It was alleged the passenger was attempting to sell the drug LSD to Greyhound bus passengers as they boarded the bus in Ohio. The Ohio state police boarded the bus, identified the man described in the anonymous tip, arrested the man and confiscated the man’s personal possessions. Amongst the man’s personal possession was a red box that contained 144 doses of the drug LSD.

Following the arrest of the alleged drug-dealing passenger, the man was taken to a local Ohio jail. The man has been charged with drug possession of LSD and drug trafficking of LSD. It was reported the confiscated LSD had a street value of $725.

Source: WDTN, “Drug tip leads to arrest suspected LSD dealer,” David Robinson, Aug. 21, 2012

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