How To Avoid a DUI

Avoiding a DUI or OVI can protect you from fines, jail time and a whole host of consequences for your future.

If you’ve already had a chance to read our latest blog, then you know that, on average, an OVI conviction in Ohio will cost you roughly $7,000. In addition to the financial consequences of being charged and convicted with an OVI, you may have to face incarceration and license suspension, not to mention the many consequences that an OVI conviction can have on your reputation and record. All in all, you’re much better off avoiding an OVI in the first place.

What can you do to avoid an OVI?

  • Don’t drink on an empty stomach – If you are going to have a drink before getting behind the wheel, the effects will be compounded if you haven’t had anything to eat that day.
  • Follow all traffic laws – An officer has to have a reason to pull you over, and if you follow all traffic laws to a T, you won’t give them a reason.
  • Know where sobriety checkpoints are located – Sobriety checkpoints, also called roadblocks, don’t have to be a surprise. In fact, you can learn where these checkpoints all around Ohio are located by checking
  • Don’t get distracted while driving – While it may be okay to mess around with the stereo or the air conditioning when you’re completely sober, if you’ve had a drink, your reaction times will be slower and it’ll be much easier to get distracted. If you’ve had a drink, minimize all distractions and put all of your focus on driving.
  • Ensure that your vehicle is in good condition – Again, the last thing that you want is to give an officer a reason to pull you over, such as an expired tag or a taillight that has been burnt out.
  • Keep your license, proof of insurance and registration handy – If you are pulled over, you can give an officer reasonable suspicion to perform a field sobriety test if you are fumbling around for your license, registration and proof of insurance. Make sure these things are always easy to access and handy.

The easiest way to avoid an OVI? Don’t drink and drive.

Although all of the above tips could help you avoid an OVI, the only surefire way to avoid one is not to drink and drive at all. Regardless of how well you are driving, if you’ve had enough to eat or not and if your vehicle is in good condition, when you drink and get behind the wheel, you are at risk for an OVI.

Don’t face the consequences of an OVI alone.

If you’ve been charged with an OVI in Ohio, the consequences can be severe and life changing; don’t face them alone. Our criminal defense attorney has helped people all over Columbus with many different charges, and we’ll provide you with the experienced representation you need when you need it most. Let our attorney work to protect your rights and minimize the consequences of your OVI charge. Schedule your free consultation with Probst Law Office online today.