10 Myths about Criminal Defense Attorneys

Ohio Criminal Defense MythsMyth 1: Criminal Defense Attorneys are just as good as public defenders, and the public defender is free.

Using a public defender should be a last resort. They are usually overburdened and really don’t have a stake in your success or failure at court.

Myth 2:  All lawyers give free consultations.

Not all attorneys give free consultations, be sure to ask before making an appointment!

Myth 3:  All criminal defense attorneys are the same.

Just like any profession or job, there are good attorneys and not-so-good attorneys. Much of it is based on experience and skill. A good track record of winning cases is an important indication of a knowledgeable attorney.

Myth 4:  You’ll only see your criminal defense lawyer in the courtroom.

Most of the work to represent you is done outside of the courtroom. Your attorney will meet with you to discuss your case, work to find evidence, research the law around defending you against the charges, and prepare you for the courtroom.

Myth 5:  They’re just in it for the money.

Like the rest of the world, attorneys do want to be paid. But they also have made a tremendous personal investment in their career choice. An attorney with in-depth experience and knowledge is worth his weight in gold if he keeps you out of prison.

Myth 6:  The more expensive, the better.

Columbus criminal defense law firms can run the spectrum in terms of what they charge for their services, but it does not follow that the more you pay the better representation you have. Look at the track record and experience to judge their performance as a criminal defense attorney, not how much they charge.

Myth 7:  Criminal defense attorneys are shady and sleazy.

Insert lawyer joke here. Generally people talk smack about lawyers, and those who get the worst rap are the criminal defense lawyers.  But when criminal defense lawyers defend their clients, they do so in order to both uphold the laws of our country and give you a fair defense.

Myth 8:  You cannot afford to hire a lawyer.

If you are employed we can work out funding your defense.

Myth 9:  Your criminal defense attorney needs to be a specialist.

Don’t assume that lawyers who specialize in one area of practice know best how to defend you against these particular charges. Every case is unique, and what you need is someone who will give your case the attention and time it takes to win.

Myth 10: Anyone can defend you against a criminal charge.

If you were involved in real estate litigation, would you want an attorney who specialized in probate? If you’re facing criminal charges, you need an attorney familiar with the criminal courts and procedures in your area.

Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Columbus, Ohio?

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