3 Benefits to Fighting a Traffic Ticket Ohio

Fighting a Traffic Ticket OhioHere are just three great reasons to fight that traffic ticket:

  • You may have all the charges dropped. No fines, no points!
  • If charges aren’t dropped, you may arrive at a plea bargain, with lower penalties.
  • Fighting the ticket means you might be able to minimize damage to your driving record and hikes in your insurance rates.

Speeding or other traffic tickets can be more than an inconvenience, and have a negative impact on your many aspects of your daily life.  Ignoring traffic tickets does not make them go away. In fact, if you fail to deal with a traffic ticket, a bench warrant will be issued for your arrest.

Among the most common traffic tickets, as you might imagine, are speeding tickets. This chart will give you an idea of the maximum penalties for speeding. They are additive, in other words if you’re caught speeding multiple times in a year, the fines and penalties can become very onerous.




Maximum Penalty



$150 fine

Speeding with two prior violations

4th degree Misdemeanor

$250 fine; 30 days in jail

Within one year, three or more speeding offenses

3rd degree Misdemeanor

$500 fine; 60 days in jail

No prior convictions within one year, but driving faster than 35 mph in a business district or greater than 50 mph in a municipal corporation, or 35 mph in a school zone

4th degree misdemeanor

$250 fine; 30 days in jail


*All fines can be doubled if the violation occurs in a construction zone. Source:  Ohio Revised Code 4511.21

In addition, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles will assess points on your driver’s license. (ORC 4510.036)



Driving More than 30 MPH Over the Listed Speed Limit


Driving More than 10 mph Over the Speed Limit in a 55 mph Zone


Driving More than 5 mph Over the Speed Limit in less than 55 mph Zone


Driving Too Slow for Conditions



A speeding conviction can result in increased insurance premiums, temporary license suspension if the court finds that you were driving recklessly, and permanent suspension of your driver’s license if you accumulate too many convictions. If driving is part of your job, you could also lose your job.

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