3 Tips to Avoid Drug Crime Charges in Ohio

Drug Crime ChargesThe first, most obvious tip to avoid drug crime charges would be to not get involved in illegal drugs. The second, nearly as obvious tip to avoid drug crime charges is that if you’re going to get involved in drugs, don’t get caught. The third tip is if you can’t follow the first two tips; get a good drug crime attorney.


Though Ohio recently decriminalized marijuana possession in small amounts that is no reason to think that the courts view drug possession, manufacture, and trafficking charges lightly. First time marijuana possession offenders will find some leniency in Ohio’s penalties and sentencing.  Because Ohio has decriminalized possession of small amounts for personal use, the penalty amounts to a minor traffic violation. However, if the charge is in connection with a moving violation (operating a vehicle impaired or OVI), penalties can become quite serious.  Also important to consider is where the offense occurs. As an example, if you’re charged with possession in Westerville, the municipal code there counts marijuana possession as fourth degree misdemeanor if it is between 100 and 200 grams.  So if you’re charged in Westerville with possession of more than 100 grams penalties could include jail time.

Drug charges in Ohio are wide-ranging and complex. Very few drug charges carry light penalties. As an example of the complexity, here is a link to sentencing guidelines for various drug trafficking, possession, and manufacture crimes.

Taking the complexity of drug laws and the variability of your individual circumstances into account is part of what a good drug crime attorney will do in your defense. There are a number of approaches that may be used in your defense if they apply. First, was there an illegal search and seizure? The United States Constitution provides against illegal search and seizure. Do the drugs belong to someone else? That is another possible defense. Was proper crime lab analysis conducted on the substance? Were you induced to commit a crime you would not have otherwise committed? If so, this could lead to an entrapment defense.  Could the drugs have been planted there by a police officer? These are all issues that your drug crime attorney will explore. Even if none of these defenses apply to you, it is still wise to have an attorney on your side that knows the system and understands all the facets of the law.

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