Defenses Against OVI

Columbus OVI LawyerField sobriety tests, breathalyzer tests, and chemical tests are not iron-clad evidence and are subject to human error and interpretation.  There are many ways in which the field sobriety tests are impacted by various outside factors. This brings into question the validity of the test results.

Field sobriety tests are not of themselves objective tests, rather they are indicators that must be subjectively interpreted by a non-objective law enforcement officer. Blood, breath or urine tests must be conducted under strict conditions. Breathalyzer tests may be impacted by factors as simple as how deep a breath you took when you blew into the machine, your body temperature at the time, recent illnesses, even the ambient air temperature when you took the test.

A skilled, experienced Columbus OVI lawyer will be able to analyze and evaluate all the circumstances of your arrest and the charges levied against you. Then taking the results of that evaluation, your skilled attorney can file motions to suppress evidence that may have been improperly collected.  For example, what, if any, was the reason the law enforcement officer gave for stopping your vehicle; what was the reason for conducting a DUI/OVI investigation; were the tests correctly administered; what was the cause of the arrest; what was the justification for your DUI/OVI arrest; were the exacting regulations for conducting a chemical test (blood, breath or urine), according to Ohio law, followed; was the machine properly calibrated; was it properly used; were quality assurance tests properly employed in the chemical tests. All of these components can be used to poke holes in the charges against you.

If you are facing an OVI charge, you need an experienced OVI/DUI criminal defense attorney who is familiar with the court system, administrative procedures, and plea and sentence bargains and can work with you, analyzing your specific situation, to determine the best course of action and a solid defense strategy.

An OVI defense attorney will examine a range of consequences for you and work to minimize the damage to your life and livelihood. Every OVI/DUI charge is unique, and it is important to be sure you have the best representation and advice possible in this difficult situation.

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