How NOT to Find a Criminal Defense Lawyer

  • Get hip-deep in a bad situation before looking for an attorney.

Columbus Criminal Defense LawyerDon’t wait until you’re too deep in a serious legal situation. If you’re facing a criminal charge, regardless of how minor it may appear, it is important that you get the lay of the land from a qualified defense attorney early in the process. Even if you decide against retaining an attorney (which is not recommended when you’re facing criminal charges), speaking with him or her could help you understand the charges you face; the potential penalties; and lasting consequences if you are convicted.  An attorney can help you understand the charges; develop a defense against them; and assist in obtaining a plea bargain with the prosecution if that looks like the best strategy.

  • Decide you need help from an attorney when it is almost too late.

Laying out a credible, sound defense will take time and research. Looking for plea bargain alternatives is also a task best done sooner rather than later.

  • Hire whoever’s hanging around outside the courtroom

These resources, widely available on the Internet, can be a big help when looking for a criminal defense attorney:

Directories: There are numerous online resources and directories that will point you in the direction of a defense attorney for your particular needs.

Ohio State Bar:  This is another resource for local lawyers specializing in your criminal defense needs.

Professional Organizations: Criminal defense lawyer organizations are in many states and cities.

By Referral: Ask friends or coworkers for their recommendations. If you work with an attorney at your job, he or she may be able to recommend a good defense lawyer. Family members may also be a good resource if they’ve ever had to hire a defense attorney.

Courtroom observation:  Provided you have plenty of time to formulate your defense, another good suggestion is to observe an attorney you have in mind to hire in the courtroom. This will give you some insight into how they perform and whether their courtroom persona is a good match for your defense needs.

Need a criminal defense attorney in Columbus, Ohio?

If you’re facing criminal charges in Ohio, you need an experienced attorney who will review your case and create a strategy to either win the case or mitigate the potential damage to your record. This is no time to hesitate because your very future could be at stake.  It is crucial that you have the very best advice and legal counsel in your corner if you’re facing criminal charges. The skilled, trusted legal representation Probst Law Office offers the help you need to be sure you have the best representation possible in fighting criminal charges.  Get the experience that you need and deserve when you hire Michael Probst as your attorney.  Contact Michael today for your free consultation, or call now at 614-232-8890.