How to Get Your License Reinstated After a DUI

Reinstating your liceDUI license suspensions attorney Columbus Ohionse after it was suspended as a result of a driving under the influence (DUI) or operating a vehicle while impaired (OVI) conviction can be a tricky process, filled with complexities. There are two types of license suspension associated with a DUI or OVI. There is the administrative license suspension, which is given if you test over the legal limit or if you have refused a chemical test – blood, breath, or urine. The second type you might be dealing with is the court suspension, which may be imposed after a DUI or OVI conviction.

If the judge in your OVI case suspended your license, in most cases you can request that you be granted limited driving privileges during the duration of the suspension.  The courts and the law are not immune to your needs to get to work, school, or to medical appointments. Limited driving privileges may be granted for these types of needs. But you should be aware that an OVI administrative license suspension requires a certain amount of “hard time” license suspension, meaning that this amount of time is not negotiable. In the first offense, it is usually a matter of 15 days hard time license suspension; a second offense is a 30 day hard time suspension; and a third offense is a six month hard time suspension.

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) has very specific requirements for reinstating your driver’s license. First, you must pay the reinstatement fee of $475 in addition to any other fines resulting from your conviction. The good news though is that you may be allowed to pay this fee on a payment plan, paying $50 or more every 30 days until the entire reinstatement fee of $475 is paid.

Additionally, according to the BMV, “Proof of insurance may be shown by providing a copy of the declaration page of a policy of liability insurance, a liability bond, a financial responsibility identification card issued by the insurance company, or a binder of liability insurance bearing the original signature of an authorized insurance agent. Proof of insurance must indicate current coverage, and if submitted prior to the end of the suspension, must cover the end date of the suspension. The name of the person suspended must be listed as an insured on the policy, or other insurance documentation presented.”

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