Penalties for an OVI/DUI Charge in Ohio

Ohio OVI PenaltiesIf you’re caught and convicted of OVI (operating a vehicle under the influence) or DUI (driving under the influence) in Ohio, bring a big checkbook. On a first offense OVI/DUI, a conviction can result in an administrative license suspension of 90 days; and a court ordered driver’s license suspension, which will be between six months and three years. OVI penalties are set according to blood alcohol content (BAC) level.  If the BAC was between .08 percent and .17 percent, there is a mandatory three-day jail stay.

As a “best” case scenario example, here are costs of a first time OVI/DUI offense. State of Ohio fines can range from $200 to $1,100, as long as there’s no property damage or injuries. Attorney fees for a first offense might range between $2,000 and $5,000, but the cost of mounting a legal defense could increase with each offense. If the court mandates substance abuse intervention courses, those fees run between $100 and $500.

The court may order you to install an ignition interlock system after completing your mandatory license suspension. The cost for installing and paying for three months of monitoring runs between about $300 and $400.  The biggest financial penalty of OVI/DUI is increased insurance rates. These increased rates continue for up to three years, as long as there are no further OVI/DUIs added to your record. Don’t forget to figure in the cost of your lost income as a result of jail time and court appearances ranging from one to four weeks. Then there is also the cost of driver’s license reinstatement at $475. Add to that the cost of alternate transportation (bus, taxi, rail) to get to work and wherever else you need to be while your license is suspended. This brings the estimated total for a first offense DUI or OVI to between $7,000 and $16,000 at a minimum.

A fourth or fifth OVI/DUI offense in six years or a sixth offense in twenty years is classified as a felony. Felony OVI charges carry mandatory jail or prison time, an $850 minimum fine plus court costs, and mandatory driver’s license suspensions for three years to life.

Any OVI will result in you being issued restricted yellow and red license plates, which identify you to other drivers as having been convicted of an OVI offense.

Need an OVI Attorney in Columbus, Ohio?

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