Penalties for Violent Crimes

Penalties for Violent CrimesThere are a number of crimes classified as violent and they carry with them a range of penalties. Violent crimes can include crimes where the violence itself was the objective, or in commission of another crime, such as burglary. The State of Ohio takes these crimes very seriously and imposes stiff penalties for violent crimes.

Violent crimes include rape; assault (which can range from negligent, to basic, to aggravated, to felonious in order of seriousness of the charges); battery; murder (or homicide); negligent homicide; reckless homicide; and manslaughter. Since this list represents a very wide range of violent crime charges, so too would the penalties vary widely. Here’s a brief look at a possible range of penalties according the level of charges.

ChargeFinesJail or Prison Time
Misdemeanor$1,000180 days jail
Fifth Degree Felony$2,500Up to 1 year in Prison
Fourth Degree Felony$5,000Up to 18 months in Prison
Third Degree Felony$10,000Up to 5 years in Prison
Second Degree Felony$15,000Up to 8 years in Prison
First Degree Felony$20,000Up to 10 years in Prison

A murder conviction could result in life in prison or even the death penalty.

Perhaps the most common defense against a violent crime charge is self-defense. Self-defense is defined as your attempt to protect yourself or your property against harm or injury from another person. This defense says you do not have to wait to be attacked to defend yourself.  But to use this defense, you must be able to prove that in defending yourself your response to the situation was both justifiable and proportional to the threat you were confronted with.

If you intend to use self-defense to defend yourself against violent crime charges, you should discuss some very important elements with your defense attorney as you work with him to formulate your defense. Some of these elements include:

  • Who started the altercation? What issue was at the center of the situation?
  • Where did the alleged crime occur? Was it in a home or a public place?
  • Why did you think that self-defense was the only recourse in the situation?

Using this and other information, your attorney can assemble the facts in your case and then decide the best approach to your defense.

Do You Need a Violent Crimes Defense Lawyer in Columbus, Ohio?

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