Pros and Cons of Plea Bargaining in an OVI/DUI Case

Plea Bargaining in an OVIIf you’re facing drunk or drugged driving charges in Ohio, make no mistake, you could be facing some very serious consequences. Operating a Vehicle Impaired (OVI) or Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charges can be treacherous and potentially very costly on many levels that will have a ripple effect throughout your life. Sometimes the very best possible option is to craft a plea bargain with the able assistance of an experienced Ohio criminal defense attorney. Depending on your circumstances, your attorney can help you as you approach the prosecution with terms of a plea bargain.

Here are a list of the pros and cons of accepting a plea bargain:

·         Defined penalties, not dependent on a judge or jury

·         Plead to a lower charge may lessen penalties

·         Generally lower attorney fees if you do not go to trial

·         May give you a conviction on your record

·         If you’re innocent and can prove it, this will still be on your record

·         Maybe a jury won’t convict you


·         Less time consuming

·         Fewer court costs

·         May be an advantage to you in an overburdened court system


An experienced OVI/DUI criminal defense attorney is familiar with the court system, administrative procedures, and plea and sentence bargains and can work with you, analyzing your specific situation, to determine the best course of action and defense. There is a great deal at stake when you’re charged with drunk driving – from your driver’s license, to auto insurance rates, to a possible criminal record, to future employment opportunities just to name a few.

An OVI/DUI attorney will examine a range of consequences for you and work to minimize the damage to your life and livelihood. A lawyer experienced in DUI/OVI criminal defense will evaluate your specific situation and develop a strategy based on the particular circumstances of the stop, testing, test results and arrest. The lawyer will be able to discern if it is likely that you may be offered probation or may be facing very minor penalties. Every OVI/DUI charge is unique, and it is important to be sure you have the best representation and advice possible in this difficult situation.

You Need an OVI/DUI Criminal Defense Attorney for Your Plea Bargain

Prosecutors take OVI/DUI cases very seriously, and may want to make an example out of your case.  But there are defenses to drunk driving charges and ways to mitigate the damage to your future through plea bargains. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, Michael Probst knows many ways to help clients protect their rights and minimize negative consequences that may arise from a drunk driving arrest.

Let the skilled, trusted legal representation from Probst Law Office provide the help you need to navigate the treacherous OVI/DUI landscape.  Get the experience that you need and deserve when you hire Michael Probst as your attorney.  Contact Michael today for your free consultation, or call now at 614-232-8890.