Types of Traffic Violations in Ohio

Violations Law OhioSafe travel is the aim of the traffic laws on the books in Ohio. That means the safety of the driver and others on the road.  There are many ways to violate traffic laws, and some of them are relatively new on the books. For example, you might not be aware that you cannot operate a handheld mobile phone while driving. And texting while driving is illegal, for fairly obvious reasons. Also, though speeding may seem a relatively minor infraction, fines can become quite steep depending on the speed over-limit you were traveling and penalties to your driver’s license increase with the number of violations. This chart gives you an idea of some of the two-point traffic violations in Ohio.

ChargeDriver’s License PointsOhio Revised Code Citation
Driving Under Suspended or Revoked License24510.11
Stop Sign24511.43
Traffic Control Lights24511.13
Violation-Railroad Crossing24511.61-64
Traffic Control Device/Signs24511.12
Violation to Avoid Light24511.12
Hit-Skip with Private Property Damage24549.03
Slow Speed24511.22
Following Too Close24511.34
Disregard of Safety Private Property24511.201
Violation of One Way Traffic24511.32
Driving Left of Center24511.29-30
Failure to Yield to a Pedestrian/Blind24511.46-47
Crossing Yellow Line24511.30
Right Side of Roadway24511.25
Crossing Divided Hwy24511.35
Violation of Traffic Lanes/Lines/Safety Zone24511.30-33 & 4511.60
Failure to Yield Right of Way24511.41-42
Opposite Vehicle Traffic Violation24511.26
Improper Passing24511.28
Violation When Being Passed24511.27
Stopped School Bus Violation24511.75
Without Due Regard Private Property24511.201
Unsafe Operation – Private Property2Municipal Code
Reckless Operation – Private Property2Municipal Code
Disobey/Interfere With Police Order24513.36
Assured Clear Distance24511.21(A)
Driving on Closed Hwy24511.71
Dropping/Placing Material on Roadway24511.74
Violation of Restriction24510.11
Loss of Physical Control of the Vehicle2Municipal Code
Prohibited U turn24511.37
Improper/Prohibited Turn24511.36
Failure to Slow Down at RR Crossing24511.62(A)(1)(a)
Failure to Stop at RR Crossing24511.63 (A)
Insufficient Space at RR Crossing24511.62 (A)(1)(d)
Insufficient Undercarriage to Negotiate RR Crossing24511.62 (A)(1)(f)
Failure to Obey RR Stop Sign24511.61 (A)

Source:  Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles

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