What to Do When Charged with a Drug Trafficking Crime

Drug Trafficking Crime OhioIf you are charged with a drug trafficking crime, the first thing you need to do is find an attorney who is familiar with fighting and winning against these charges. Drug trafficking is a serious charge with potentially life-changing ramifications if you are convicted.

The Ohio Revised Code describes drug trafficking as to: “Sell or offer to sell a controlled substance or a controlled substance analog; prepare for shipment, ship, transport, deliver, prepare for distribution, or distribute a controlled substance or a controlled substance analog, when the offender knows or has reasonable cause to believe that the controlled substance or a controlled substance analog is intended for sale or resale by the offender or another person.” Furthermore, committing this offense in the vicinity of a school or a juvenile enhances the charge of aggravated drug trafficking and automatically bumps it from a fourth degree felony to a third degree felony, which increases fines and prison time.

Beyond fines and prison time, if you’re convicted of drug trafficking, the court must suspend your driver’s license for at least six months and possibly as long as five years. You may also be required to forfeit any property used in committing the drug trafficking offense. Fines can range anywhere from $2,500 to $20,000 in addition to paying court costs, your jail time associated costs, and the cost of investigating the trafficking offense. Also, any proceeds of drug trafficking will be forfeited.  Also, a drug conviction can dramatically affect professional licensure, such as those obtained by medical or law professionals.

The prison sentences imposed for drug trafficking are tied to the type of drug and the amount of the drug allegedly sold, as well as previous convictions. Ohio drug trafficking charges are wide-ranging and complex and drug trafficking charges carry serious penalties. The complexity and severity of the crime can be seen through the lens of the Ohio Supreme Court’s Drug Offense Quick Reference Guide for various drug trafficking, possession, and manufacture crimes.

Need a Drug Crime Attorney in Columbus, Ohio?

Taking the complexity of drug laws and the variability of your individual circumstances into account is part of what a good drug crime attorney will do in your defense. Have you been accused of drug trafficking? Let us help you develop a strategy to defend against these serious, life-changing charges. If you need an attorney to help you fight drug trafficking charges, you need someone who can bring the skill and knowledge to defend your present and future. The skilled, trusted legal representation at Probst Law Office offers the help you need to be sure you have the representation you deserve.  Get the experience and knowledge you need when you hire Michael Probst as your attorney.  Contact Michael today for your free consultation, or call now at 614-767-5170.