Why You Should Find an Attorney to Speed Along a Trial

Find an Attorney to Speed Along a TrialBeing arrested is a very frightening, confusing, and stressful experience. Trying to “go it alone” or face the system without the benefit of your own attorney is a daunting experience, and you may have found yourself “in over your head” with a complex legal system, complicated laws and charges, and everything seemingly stacked against you. Hiring your own attorney can represent a new start for you in this process and be a tremendous weight off of your shoulders when you hand over some of the responsibility for your defense to a professional who is well-versed in defending clients just like yourself against a system that often seems like it is out to get you.

Procedural errors, missed deadlines and missed opportunities are all potential pitfalls of the “go it alone method” of criminal defense. Your future is at stake in a criminal matter. It is, as you know, very serious and potentially life changing. An experienced, skilled criminal defense attorney can work with the prosecuting attorney to mitigate the potential damage to your record and future by first trying to work out a plea bargain so the matter never needs to see a full trial situation. In addition, a seasoned attorney knows the ins and outs of the rules of evidence, and may be able to have the entire case against you dismissed altogether, depending on the circumstances.

If you enter a not guilty plea, the second stage of the court process, after the arraignment, is the pre-trial hearing. But before the pre-trial hearing, your attorney will get the prosecuting attorney’s evidence files through a process called discovery. This information revealed in discovery includes police reports, physical evidence, witness statements, any statements you made while in custody, and any video recordings taken as part of the arrest. After your attorney reviews this information he or she may be able to challenge the evidence by filing motions to suppress the evidence.

The next stage is a pre-trial hearing, where your attorney can discuss the case with the prosecuting attorney. At this point the prosecuting attorney may offer to resolve the case through a plea bargain, and your attorney will work as your advocate to determine if this is in your best interests.

If there’s no plea agreement, the next step is the motion hearing, where the Court considers different aspects of the State’s case against you.  Your attorney may work to get the evidence against you suppressed or thrown out completely at this point.  Only after all these processes are exhausted, no plea bargains reached, or no motions to suppress granted is when your case would go to trial.

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