Theft Crimes Defense Lawyer in Columbus

Developing Theft Charges and Court Cases

Theft crimes can encompass a number of crimes and situations. Everything from shoplifting, to credit card fraud, to embezzlement may be considered theft crimes. During the investigation, you may be asked questions about your situation, including your habits, and how you came into possession of items. Though you may feel compelled to answer law enforcement officer questions, you can opt for professional representation instead.

Once a prosecuting attorney has a case put together, they can file charges against you for any crime you are suspected of. Criminal charges are only a formal accusation that you committed a theft crime. From there, the legal process goes into place, which can include a jury trial.

Why You Need an Experienced Theft Crime Attorney

Having an experienced criminal theft attorney on your side can help you navigate through the legal process, and give you the best chances for an ideal results. With experience as a prosecuting attorney, negotiator, and trial defense lawyer, Michael Probst understands how cases are built, and tactics used to secure a conviction. With years of experience, Michael is prepared to take on your case, and help you get the justice you deserve.

As part of his approach, Michael starts by reviewing the evidence against clients to determine it’s value, and seek opportunities to dismiss the charges against you. Even the most “secure” evidence, such as testimony, eyewitness identification, and video surveillance footage, can be dismissed or called into question.

Legal Representation for Theft Crimes in Central Ohio

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