The Low Down on More White Collar Crimes

In our last blog post, we introduced you to white collar crimes and how Probst Law Office in Columbus can help. In this blog post, we’ll go over even more white collar crimes and how Probst Law Office, a top-notch criminal defense attorney, can help. Contact us today for a free consultation!


Credit card fraud and check card fraud

Just like the name implies, credit card fraud and check card fraud are frauds that involve the use of credit cards or debit cards. There are two main reasons for this type of fraud: to procure goods and/or funds, using your credit card and/or debit card, or to commit identity theft through using your credit card information. Because the vast majority of credit card fraud is covered by the card issuer, such as Visa and Mastercard, the majority of these funds are never re-cooped once discovered, resulting in billions of dollars lost, despite the number of security measures in place. The identity side of credit card fraud involves either the person applying, using the stolen personal information of the victim, or what is known as an account takeover, where the perpetrator poses as the victim. Credit card fraud is inherently hard to prove, and Probst Law Office in Columbus is there for you if you’ve been accused of credit card fraud. We’ll take a look at all of the evidence (if there is any) and work diligently and expeditiously to defend you. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Employee theft

Employee theft is pretty straightforward in terms of the charges (not necessarily the defense). Employee theft is anything stolen from an employer by an employee, with the most common items being money (which can be embezzlement, but embezzlement is most frequently a crime that happens over a period of time. This refers to a one-time theft of employer’s money), time, supplies, merchandise, or even information. There have been many well-known examples of the theft of information, such as the stealing of the A-bomb secrets from the Americans to the Russians during World War II, as well as the stealing of bomb secrets from the Germans by the Americans. Falsifying time cards is another common way employees steal from employers because many people today see nothing morally wrong with this. Probst Law Office in Columbus vigorously defends those accused of employee theft no matter the circumstances. Frequently, there are many holes to be found, such as shoddy and/or questionable investigation techniques by the police, little to no evidence, and your word against your employer’s word. We’re here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation!


Probst Law Office in Columbus specializes in criminal defense. Here, we don’t judge; we merely take the facts of your case, do our investigation and analysis work, and form a strategy and/or defense for your case, be it a white collar crime or some other crime that results in criminal charges, such as DUI or assault. You are innocent until proven guilty, and it’s our job to prove your innocence. Contact us today to get started!