The Low Down on White Collar Crimes

For some reason, white collar crimes aren’t seen as severe as say, other criminal charges, such as DUI, sex assaults, or assault and battery. Yet, white collar crimes can have far-reaching consequences for the victims, often consequences that can affect the very livelihood of the victims.

Bernie Madoff has become the quintessential example of a white collar criminal, as he pulled off a massive Ponzi scheme for well over a decade, stealing billions of dollars from his clients in the end. Bernie Madoff has become the poster board for Wall Street greed. Still, however, many people don’t think of him as a criminal because he defrauded rich people, not the common working man.

Probst Law Office in Columbus defends white collar crimes, such as fraud, embezzlement, and employee theft. White collar crimes usually involve stealing money in some manner and are usually non-violent crimes. The law takes white collar crimes very seriously, and if you are accused of committing one, we will defend you to the full extent of the law. Below, we’ll go into detail on two white collar crimes that are common, fraud and embezzlement, as well as how Probst Law Office can help. Contact us today for a free consultation!



Fraud is a wide-encompassing term that involves the deception of people for various motivations, such as financial gain, the gain of physical property, or the deprivation of some of their rights. Fraud can involve both civil law and criminal law. Probst Law Office focuses on criminal fraud, which includes those crimes for which prison is a possibility. Hence, you can think of fraud as a lie with severe consequences. One of the defining characteristics of fraud is intentional deception. Hence, Probst Law Office sees a lot of fraud charges that our clients didn’t know they had committed and that were against the law. Probst Law Office works relentlessly to defend you against fraud charges and to prevent fraud charges from being filed against you in the first place. Many times, we find that there is not enough evidence to support a claim, and thus we can have the case dismissed. Contact us today if you’ve been accused of fraud.



Embezzlement is when funds from an employer are misappropriated by an employee. This financial fraud can occur in any line of business, but is most commonly seen amongst those who have access to a person’s money, such as financial advisors, accountants, or even the courier who takes the money to the bank. Any time of stealing funds from your employer is embezzlement, which is what Bernie Madoff engaged in. Embezzlement is frequently hard to detect because it usually involves the siphoning of small amounts of money over a period of time that then results in thousands or even millions of dollars taken. If you’ve been accused of embezzlement, Probst Law Office can help. Embezzlement is extremely hard to prove until there is a definitive financial trail to follow. Let us help you in following this trail and seeing if it leads to a pot of gold or indeed is just a rabbit’s trail.

Probst Law Office is the go-to criminal defense attorney in Columbus for all manners of white crime accusations. Contact us today for a free consultation!