What is a GSI Crime?

Gross sexual imposition, which is commonly referred to as GSI is a serious felony charge in the state of Ohio. Unlike rape, which is nonconsensual intercourse or oral sex, gross sexual imposition involves the nonconsensual sexual contact of another person’s erogenous zones. Once convicted, regardless of the degree of the charge, you will be facing prison time, in addition to being classified as a sex offender. Simply put, if you are convicted of a GSI crime, the charge will remain on your criminal background for the rest of your life. It is important to be aware of what the charges against you are and to hire an experienced attorney to defend you. Here, we will discuss exactly what a GSI crime is and what you can do to avoid conviction.

What is considered gross sexual imposition?

To break it down to legal terms: gross — obviously wrong, sexual —anything construed as sexual contact by Ohio State Law, imposition — expectation, request, or force. According to Ohio state law, to be charged with gross sexual imposition, you must be accused of having some form of sexual contact with another person, have caused them to have sexual contact with you, or caused two other people to have sexual contact when any of these conditions apply:
You attempted to get the other part(ies) to submit by force or threat of force.
To prevent resistance to sexual contact, you gave the other part(ies) drugs or alcohol, without their consent.
The other part(ies) were significantly impaired due to medication for surgery.
The other part(ies) are under the age of 13, regardless of whether you knew or not.
The other part(ies) have a mental or physical condition or is old enough that they cannot consent or resist.
The offender touches the genitals of a child less than 12 years with the intent to abuse, humiliate, harass, degrade, arouse, or gratify the sexual desire of any party.

What are the consequences of a GSI conviction?

When a guilty verdict is rendered in a GSI case, the consequences are among the more severe. Depending on the severity of the allegations, GSI crimes are charged as either a fourth or third-degree felony, which carries an 18 month to 5-year prison sentence. In addition, if you are convicted of a GSI crime, you will be classified as, and required to register as, a sex offender. Depending on the severity of the allegations, you may be required to notify your community of your sex offender status, which may make it difficult to get or maintain employment, financing, or custody of your children. In addition to other penalties, GSI convictions also carry high fees that must be paid.

If you are facing charges of gross sexual imposition or attempted GSI, you need counsel that will take the matter as serious as the consequences that are being imposed. Afterall, it is your life at stake! Do not take matters into your own hands or leave your future to a public defender. For a sex crimes defense attorney, trust the expertise and experience of Michael Probst and his legal team. Contact Probst Law Office for your free consultation today!