Vehicular Crimes Defense Attorney

Protect Your Driver’s License and Your Freedoms

While you may not realize it, every speeding ticket you get adds up – not just in dollars, but points as well. Simply exceeding the speed limit on the freeway can cost you two points against your license. And if you’re charged with a major offense, like drag racing, you could have six points placed against your license. If you accumulate 12 points over two years, your driver’s license could be suspended.

In addition, points against your driver’s license can cost you in fines, fees, and higher car insurance premiums. Because points are easy to accumulate, and stay on your driving record for two years, it’s important to treat every speeding ticket and charge with high urgency.

Your Rights Under a Traffic Stop

A law enforcement officer may initiate a traffic stop for a number of reasons. Traffic officers may be using speed-detecting devices, like radar or laser guns, or may be observing your behavior in traffic. Once their lights come on, you are compelled to pull your car over.

During the traffic stop, the law enforcement officer will ask for your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance. At that time, the officer will inform you why they decided to pull you over, and either issue you a warning, or a citation. More serious crimes (like reckless driving and vehicular homicide) could result in an arrest on scene.

During a traffic stop, you have the right to know what you are suspected of, what you are being charged with, and what the citation and/or arrest is for. Your citation will explain the charges against you, and how the law enforcement officer determined those charges.

Defense From Speeding Tickets to Aggravated Vehicular Homicide

Attorney Michael Probst has extensive experience in handling traffic violations and vehicular crimes from both sides of the courtroom. Depending on your driving history and the severity of your offense, Michael may be able to negotiate a resolution that results in minor fines and no points on your driving record.

Michael has direct experience as a prosecutor and defense attorney in minor, misdemeanor, and felony charges ranging from speeding violations, driving under suspension, driving without a license (or No OPS), reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, and even major crimes like DUIs, DWIs, OVIs, Aggravated Vehicular Assault, and Vehicular Homicide. In many situations, it is advised to obtain an expert witness to conduct an independent traffic crash reconstruction to aid in the defense of a case. It is often not enough to rely on discovery provide by prosecuting attorneys, as they do not have your best interest in mind. Attorney Michael Probst has handled many traffic cases where an expert witness has been retained and whose report has been instrumental in gaining leverage in the defense of a case. Click here to schedule a free consultation today, or call Michael Probst at 614-232-8900.